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Mrs. Orkney's Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Orkney
 Mrs. Orkney
 Mrs. Orkney
Kindergarten 1975 
      play learn grow
      This is a new and exciting year for you and your child. As you know, the magical age of 5 or 6 is a time of wonder and questions, a time of curiosity and getting into things. It's energy beyond belief and a time of quick sorrow and much laughter.
   Today we try to teach the whole child; this means providing activities that develop the mind, body and spirit. My primary purpose is to make each child feel good about who he or she is and to offer an enjoyable and productive school experience.
   Please send your child out the door each morning with a good nights sleep, a good breakfast and a good feeling in his/her heart and I promise to take very good care in guiding your child throughout the year.