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  • 2-23-17 Wellness Committee Minutes


    Wellness/Nutrition & Physical Activity Advisory Committee Minutes

    February 23, 2017 Minutes

    District Office Board Room

    Members Present:

    Aaron Bradford, Food Service GM Marge Cody, Community Member

    Lisa Gideon, RN Willow Shanahan, Physical Education Teacher Kim Fry, Superintendent


    Food Service Audit Results

    Kim handed out the Exit Conference Summary. She drew the groups’ attention to the positive comments made about the wellness policy, evaluation and public awareness on page 4.  The auditor mentioned in the exit interview that she'll be using our committee's work as a model for other districts.  Overall it was the cleanest food service audit Kim remembers our district having.  No findings and only a few corrective action steps which is amazing for a program that is so heavily regulated and involves the coordination of so many staff members. Aaron and Kim praised the work of the Sodexo staff and the DO staff members who are involved in the application and claims reporting processes.

    Food Service Updates

    Working to Increase Meal Counts

    Aaron shared that the district overall has had an increase in meal participation since our last meeting of around 40 lunches and 40 breakfasts. However, he discussed the desire to increase RMS breakfast counts and asked the members to help brainstorm possible ways to complete this. Suggestions included: Using robo calling to let families qualifying for reduced priced meals know that breakfast is free for them. The same information could be placed in building and district newsletters. Menu items were discussed they include smoothies, parfaits, breakfast burritos and breakfast pizza, in addition to the typical items. A survey of all MS students was suggested to help identify obstacles to participation and possible solutions. The short time between breakfast and lunch was also discussed as a likely barrier, as was the priority many middle school students put on being social over being fed.

    Promotional Signage

    Aaron has ordered new signage for the RMS breakfast program to promote greater participation.

    Menu Translation

    The district is working to provide more documents in Spanish and has asked Aaron to translate menus, since Sodexo’s corporate support doesn’t provide this service, Kim will be providing him a translating program that can assist him.

    Future Chef Competition

    Aaron announced the competition for students in Grades 3-5 will occur on March 14 and invited interested committee members to serve as judges.

    Future Meeting Dates May 11

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