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The link below contains all of the the information the bid process.  If you have any questions please email
Bid requests were sent to 
Troxell Communications Inc
Micro K-12
The Invitation to Bid was also published in the Daily Chronicle.
Winning Bids
HP Chromebook 11 G3 2gb RAM- Micro K12
HP Chromebook 11 G3 4gb RAM- Micro K12 
HP Chromebook 14 G3- Micro K12
Google Management Console (perpetual license)- Best Buy for Business
AverMedia Charge Cart- Troxell Communications
Anthro Yes Cart- Micro K12
The bid prices are valid til October 30th, 2015 
Companies that submitted bids
Best Buy for Business
Micro K12
Troxell Communications 
1. Will the district be purchasing in large quantities? (In regards to shipping costs)
           The plan is for the district to purchase in late February/ early March and then again in late Septemeber/ early October.
2. Can you inform me on what your internet speed is currently?
      The current speed is 100mb/s and we will have an upgrade to 1 gig by next school year. 
3. What is the end date and when you would like to have everything installed? 
        For the first purchase (February/early March) we would like to have everything in place by the end of April.  For the second purchase (Sept/early Oct) we would like to have everything in place by November.
Last Modified on March 17, 2015