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Jody Dowell

Jody Dowell
Accounts Payable/ Administrative Assistant
Phone: 360-273-5536 x1000
Fax: 360-273-5547

The Accounts Payable Office ensures that all vendors arepaid for services provided in a prompt manner and that all payments are properly approved and supported.

Monthly the Accounts Payable Department

     ·Process purchase orders, claims for expenses,credit cards, procurement cards

     ·Pay vendors three times a month

     ·Assist building staff with purchasing

Each month, we process more than $500,000.00 in payments toour vendors for the goods and services they provide. To ensure proper internal control, we require that someone from the district verify receipt of goods and services before payment is issued. This sometimes can cause a delay in the payment of invoices, but we generally all invoices are paid within 30 days of receiving the goods. If you have experienced a delay longer than 30 days,please contact me at 360-273-5536 x1000.