COVID-19 Questions and Answers

Rochester School District COVID-19 Q&A

Q: Will we be coming back to school this year?

  • State officials are continuing to tell our district to be ready to start back on Monday, April 27th.

Q: When will there be actual online instruction available? 

  • School districts have been asked to wait on providing online instruction until issues of equity can be addressed.  In the meantime, we are providing print and electronic resource materials for families to use as they see fit.

 Q: Will students be able to move to the next grade after missing so much school?  

  • Unless your child is already being considered for retention, he/she will be promoted to the next grade.

Q: Will athletics continue?

  • High School athletics will resume practices on April 25.  Middle School track was scheduled to begin on April 13. We are waiting to learn if the MS track season will be altered or cancelled.

Q: Will there be spring concerts, plays, prom, award nights and graduation ceremonies?  

  • We don’t know yet.  The district must follow the public gathering restricting that are in place at the time the event is to take place. 

Q: Can we come to the school during the closure?

  • While schools are closed, students and families will be allowed on school grounds by appointment only.  No community use of grounds and facilities are allowed.  

Q: Will we still have parent teacher conferences?

  • Yes, however they’ll occur by phone.  

Q: How do I get information or help from the school?

  • Feel free to email your child's teacher, counselor or principal or may also call the school and leave a message in the main voicemail.   

Q: What is happening to ensure seniors graduate?  

  • School districts are waiting for guidance from the State Board of Education regarding the changes they’ll make to graduation requirements for seniors.  As soon as those are known, we'll communicate with seniors and their parents and begin making the necessary adjustments in our system.

Q: What about Running Start Classes?

  • Running Start students will be contacted by their college about their new start date for spring quarter.  Please be prepared for Running Start Courses to be conducted online. If taking courses online will not work for you, please email your RHS counselor.  

Q: What will happen with College in the High School Courses through Eastern Washington University? 

  • Our RHS teachers who teach EWU courses are coordinating with the university and will be contacting you soon about what course work students will need to do during the closure.