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Title VI Public Hearing 



ESD 113 Collaborative Systems of Care: School-Based Mental Health Services

Check out our video showcasing the collaborative efforts between the Rochester School District and ESD 113 to enhance student wellness. Witness the impactful mental health services being provided to our students, ensuring their emotional well-being and academic success. Discover how this partnership is fostering a supportive environment conducive to student flourishing. Join us in prioritizing mental health in education and empowering our students to thrive. Watch now to learn more about our commitment to student well-being - ESD 113 Collaborative Systems of Care: School-Based Mental Health Services (

Calendar Dates 

May 27                 No School, Memorial Day
June 7                   HEART Graduation 6:30pm, Location TBD
June 9        RHS Graduation 2pm, Saint Martin's University
June 13                 Last Day of Classes

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Classroom Educational Assistants (EAs) Support teachers in the classroom assisting our students learn. Position qualifies for full benefits. Apply and see open positions at Ed Jobs NW

Substitute Educational Assistants (EAs): We have an EA substitute shortage! Substitute as an EA and support Rochester staff and students. Work when you are available. Work 630 hours in a year and you qualify for benefits. Apply Here

Substitute Teachers: We have a shortage of substitute teachers. Apply at Teachers on Call: your own schedule, work as many days as you would like. Work 630 hours in a year and you qualify for benefits. 

Job Openings

Attendance Matters
Together, Making Attendance a Priority
To ensure students have access to instruction and feel successful, we are focusing on every student attending school regularly. Chronic absenteeism negatively impacts learning. Attendance is a top priority, second only to student safety.
Read More about Together, Making Attendance a Priority
Image of the word safety written on a chalk board.
Safety and Emergency Guide
The Rochester School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, families and visitors. Our district’s administrators coordinate our Emergency Response Plan, working closely with local, county and state emergency responders and public health officials to ensure we are well prepared!
Read More about Safety and Emergency Guide
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