Board Member Residency - 1113

A school director must remain a resident of the school district to be eligible to continue to serve as a school board member.  If a director’s residence changes to a place outside the district, the director must resign and his/her eligibility to serve ends with the change of residence.

If a director is required to live within a specific director area of the district in order to be elected or appointed to the school board, and the director’s residence changes to a place outside the director area, but within the district, the director may continue to serve on the school board until the next regular school district election (the fall of odd numbered years), at which time an election will be held to fill the board position for the director area the director no longer resides in.  If the change of residence occurs after the filing period for the regular school district election, but before the election, and the director is in the first two years of his/her term, he/she may continue to serve from a residence outside the director area, but within the district, until the end of the term he/she was elected to.

If a director’s director area boundaries are redrawn during his/her term of office, the director may serve out the term he/she was elected to.


Cross References:                  

Board Policy 1105 Director District Boundaries

Board Policy 1110 Elections

Board Policy 1114 Board Member Resignation

Board Policy 1115 Vacancies

Legal References:                  

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Adoption Date: November 23, 1999

Classification: Optional

Updated: 11/02; 08/05