Wellness Committee Minutes

Wellness/Nutrition & Physical Activity Advisory Committee

March 21, 2018 Minutes District Office Board Room Members Present:

Aaron Bradford, Food Service GM
Marge Cody, Community Member
Ferol Max, Parent - Absent
Jessica Miller, Parent - Absent
Willow Shanahan, PE Teacher - Absent
Matt Ishler, Principal
Connie Smejkal, Board Member - Absent
Lisa Gideon, School Nurse - Absent
Kim Fry, Superintendent

Focus areas for 2018-19

  • Continue to promote breakfast participation
  • Explore rainy day recess options
  1. Exploring Rainy Day Recess at RPS – Amy Roney, Principal

    Amy provided an overview of current rainy day recess options as illustrated below.  2nd grade students are the only students at RPS who don’t have a movement option during rainy day recess.  Amy will be going back to explore implementing the same four activity room options with them as used in K and 1st grade. 

  2. Food Service Updates – Aaron Bradford, Food Service Manager

    Breakfast Promotions- The average number of breakfasts served this year continues to be up approximately 125 meals over this time last year.  Flyers have been distributed at family events such as Code Nights, Family Math Night and Kindergarten Family Nights.

    USDA Update The USDA will be lowering the whole wheat requirement from serving 100% whole wheat items to 50% of the items needing to be whole wheat.  The change is expected to take effect next school year.  Discussion occurred relate to younger kids being used to whole wheat and some items that have not been received well in their whole wheat form. Aaron was asked to bring the list of wheat based items to a future meeting so we can look at items that we would prefer to keep whole wheat and which would make sense to change.  The example of spinach tortillas being well received and arguably as healthy as whole wheat tortillas. 

    Future Chef Competition Gr. 3-5 in March In mid-March students in grades 3-5 will be able to compete in the Future Chef Competition.  Members were invited to be guest judges.  Marge will help run the event.

    So Happy App UpdateJanuary menus (with nutritional information about each item) will be loaded to the app.  The district will roll out the app in the next newsletter.

    Food Services Help with Nutrition EducationAaron asked how food service could assist the school in meeting their nutrition related learning standards.  Matt will talk to his health staff about Aaron’s willingness to be a guest speaker about how students can use the app and other topics. This topic will be on our next agenda when additional members can be present.

    Lunchroom Supervision There has been a shortage of substitute EAs in the GMES lunchroom.  Some of the new EAs don’t know what they’re supposed to do.  Some ask Marge.  Some are shy and the kids take advantage of them by being rowdy.  The result is less food being consumed/more food waste. Kim explained that we’re having a significant number of sub positions going unfilled each day.

  3. Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Feb. 21, 2019
  • May 9, 2019



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